The official home of ‘The Woods’


A big THANK YOU to all our fans!

We’d like to publicly thank you, the fans, for the fantastic support you have given us this season.

Whilst fair to say we have been a little up and down at times on the field, the support off it has remained unwavering, if we can match our fans level of consistency we will go a long way next season.

As a club and fan base it is also a great time to reflect on what we did achieve this season, comfortably away from the relegation zone, playing a brand of football which attracted the highest average attendances in this league and higher levels.

Whilst it’s nice to win, we loved the feedback of how much fans both new and old alike enjoyed the Matchday experience at Ashton’s whether that be the football, the singing , the superb bar and food available or a combination of all four.

Looking ahead it would be great to see crowds continue to rise next season, discussions have been had about a possible stand on the far side but even more support is needed at away games beyond the loyal band who are always there.

Thanks for getting behind us so vociferously this season, in doing so making our first season back home beyond our expectations.