Club Membership Scheme Terms and Conditions

Woodford Town Football Club Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. A Purchased Membership Card is for the sole use and purpose of Woodford Town Football Club’s supporters only. By applying for Club Membership, you hereby warrant and represent that you are a supporter of Woodford Town Football Club. A purchased membership card only covers Woodford Town Football Club’s Senior Team’s home games at Ashtons Playing Fields.
  1. Unless otherwise stated on the booking confirmation receipt, the £50.00 Membership fee is due and payable by you to Woodford Town Football Club.
  1. Woodford Town Football Club cannot guarantee its football match fixtures will always take place at an particulate time or on a particular date. Follow our social media channels or email us for any updates on match fixtures.
  1. In order to gain admission into the ground your membership card must be presented in its entirety and shown to our ticket officer at the relevant turnstile.


  1. Once membership has been purchased you will be ineligible for a refund unless we receive a written cancellation request within the first 7 days of purchase. There will be no refund for reschedule match fixtures. Club Membership match day admissions is for Essex Senior League fixtures only, cup fixtures are not included as part of the membership package however tickets can be purchased separately.

Loss of membership cards.

6. The club will only replace a lost or stolen membership card without charge (for free) on your first occasion. Membership account holders will be liable for an replacement charge if any further losses occur.


  1. Woodford Town Football Club reserves the right to securely keep personal contact data for communication purposes only. Email address details are stored when a club membership is purchased. Your data will not be shared with any third parties outside of Woodford Town Football Club. If you would prefer us not to store your data, please get in touch by clicking here
  1. Woodford Town Football Club reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions at its discretion.

Last Updated: March 2021

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