Julian Charles Joins Woodford

I’ve made the move to bring in Julian Charles from Clapton to join me as joint managers. He worked wonders with Clapton last season and I have been impressed with the work he’s done.

I feel we need a lift and more experience at this level and levels above which he will bring. He loves Woodford and has admired us from afar and has been knocking on Tony’s door since last season for an opportunity.

I have never hid the fact that I am from a youth background and so having knowledge in these leagues and access to players is vital. Kam and Wayne will be staying on in their current roles so we have an extremely talented and willing support structure around the first team.

We can blame a lot of things which has led to our poor start. I’m not one to make excuses the situation is what it is and as a part owner I have to do whats right by the club. This isn’t an ego trip. If I am to be honest I feel that the youth have let us down quite badly possibly unintentionally I would like to think. We had the dream of this super young team which won 4 out of 5 pre covid only to find out that most decided to go uni. That in it self is perfectly fine but I wasn’t informed until pre season had started that they wouldn’t be around. Some of the ones that remain (not all) have adopted poor attitudes at times which was also unexpected as they were the same players begging me for a chance only a few months ago.

Its fair to say that particular project has failed. Kam and Wayne have also been let down not just me as they put together a magnificent team credit to them only to see it all unravel this season. They have both been and will continue to be a credit to this club. Add to all this, losing players to higher level and even worse to the pound note have meant a whole new team had to be put together. The last 6 games being our pre season.

Bringing Julian in was solely my decision and I feel the right one, only time will tell. So i will be adding him to the group shortly and introducing him to you all. Can this be put on social media, announcing his arrival to work jointly with me and quote me to say I’m delighted to have him on board and I’m really looking forward to working with him.

Thank you all for all of your support during this time you all make me very proud to be a director and a manager of this club. Onwards and upwards.

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