Club update as the Journey home continues.

The inertia surrounding any sort of meaningful football being played at the Ashton’s Arena this season stands at a stark contrast to Woodford Town’s ambitious plans to establish themselves off the pitch before next season. The Essex Senior Club has been curtailed for the second successive season and even attempts to set up an alternative Champions League type tournament have stalled due to factors such as no fans allowed and matches being played at massive financial losses due to the cutting off of other revenue streams.

With Woodford reprieved a likely relegation scrap despite the shoots of recovery before the latest lockdown The Woods can now focus on whatever football might be allowed to formulate their plans for next season which they will begin playing in their home town for the first time in 28 years amongst growing excitement from a rapidly expanding fan base.

Chairman Tony Scott was ‘excited’ by what the future might bring and was very confident the Ashton’s Ground would be signed off and passed by the FA in the very near future. Mr Scott said ‘it’s been a hell of a long wait but there’s tangible light at the end of the tunnel and it’s very exciting to see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place.’Part of that puzzle is The Woods ‘Off the Pitch’ and ‘Media’ presence including a Membership that has been lapped up with great gusto since it’s launch this week. Club Media and Publicity Officer Neil Day was quick to praise the Club’s Committee Members and Volunteer workers who have pulled together to launch the Membership Scheme and revamp the club website to a whole new level. ‘The Lockdown gave us a chance to review our online activities said Day’ We set a simple goal to make our website the best around and have put so much stored content in that I personally think we’ve achieved that ‘I know Tony is delighted with it and it shows just what can be achieved with a positive outlook and no little hard work.

‘Website statements at have stressed the great value of The Club Membership Scheme and it’s no wonder so many have signed up with perks including entry to all home games for a mere £50.00 Mr Scott was quick to point out the value of the scheme to the club especially as the impact of lockdown to smaller clubs has been well documented Scott concluded our interview by saying ‘I’m very happy with the early take up off the scheme as it shows we do have a lot of local support and those supporters have put their money where there mouth is which will help us in so many ways including building extra covered terracing which is no less than our very noisy and loyal fans deserve’

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