The official home of ‘The Woods’


Saturday 29th July 2023 | @ Sirona Medical Arena | 3:00 pm kick-off

Takeley FC 0 – 3 Woodford Town
Woodford Town Scorers: Nathan Sollosi 75′, George Thompson 81′, James Runham 89′

Report By Alex Skamiotis

In a sensational opening clash at the Sirona Medical Arena, Woodford Town left no doubts about their intentions this season as they thumped Takeley FC 3-0 in a scintillating display. The visitors sending a resounding message to their rivals that they mean business.

The match ignited with palpable tension as both teams vied fiercely for supremacy. Takeley FC sought to impress their home fans by pushing forward, but the first half, however, was a cagey affair with both teams cautiously feeling each other out. Takeley FC attempted to assert their dominance early on, pressing high and showing glimpses of their attacking prowess. Woodford Town, on the other hand, seemed content to absorb the initial pressure, opting for a more measured approach.

As the first 45 minutes unfolded, it became evident that neither side was willing to give an inch. The midfield battle raged on, with possession often changing hands in the centre of the park. Takeley’s defence stood firm, denying Woodford Town’s attacking force any clear-cut opportunities. Meanwhile, the visitors displayed a composed backline, thwarting Takeley’s advances and ensuring the half-ended goalless.

But the stalemate didn’t last long into the second half, as Woodford Town emerged with renewed vigour. Their attacking intent intensified, and their intricate passing and intelligent movement left Takeley FC scrambling to maintain their defensive shape.

Woodford Town’s debutant, Nathan Sollosi, emerged as the star of the show when, in the 75th minute, he curled in a delightful shot from twelve yards. The composure was clearly on display as Sollosi expertly placed the ball beyond the reach of the keeper, sending the Woods’ supporters into raptures and setting the stage for a memorable debut goal.

Buoyed by their breakthrough, the Woodford attack went for the jugular, tearing into Takeley’s defence with unbridled ferocity. The home side’s resilience finally buckled in the 81st minute when George Thompson rose majestically to meet a pinpoint cross, delivering a powerful header that found the back of the net. The Takeley goalkeeper could only watch in awe as the ball sailed past him, doubling the visitors’ advantage.

Woodford Town’s domination wasn’t quite done yet. In the dying embers of the game, James Runham stepped up to take a 25-yard free-kick. With a touch of finesse that could only be described as artistry, he elegantly curled the ball into the top corner, leaving the goalkeeper grasping at thin air. It was a goal that will be talked about in pubs across the town for weeks to come, a true beauty.

Runham’s exquisite free-kick was the icing on the cake for Woodford Town, who sealed a comprehensive 3-0 victory. Shane Baptiste, the astute 1st Team manager, wore a smile as wide as the River Thames after the match. He lauded his charges for their tactical prowess and unwavering spirit on the field, praising them for laying down a marker for the rest of the league.

This emphatic 3-0 win marks the perfect beginning for Woodford Town’s campaign, serving notice that they are a force to be reckoned with this season. As the fans revel in this riveting start, the footballing fraternity eagerly awaits more drama and magic in the days to come. With the first-ever FA Cup match at Ashton Stadium, next Friday and the battle for Essex Senior Premier League supremacy has only just begun, and if this match is any indication, we’re in for one heck of a season!


Woodford Town Lineup: Allan (GK); Steele, John, Omope, Beniot, Jewers, Clarke, Kebi (C), Parrott, Adelani, Sollosi.
Subs: Okoh, Runham, Christou, Thompson, Bolovan